Our Aluminium Scaffolding System

Quick Stage Aluminium

The quick stage aluminium scaffold is unique to Access One Scaffolding in New Zealand. It has its origins from Aluminium Scaffolds in Australia.

The benefit of using the Access One aluminium scaffolding system that it is light weight, and easily transportable, unlike traditional steel scaffold that is quite heavy and at times difficult to handle.

The aluminium scaffold system used by Access One is structured and appears very uniform, not like the traditional frame or ‘Tube&Clip’ steel scaffold that appears fragmented and busy. Also aluminium does not rust so offers an aesthetic work site area!

The wide platforms and secure hand rails offer a high level of security and safety.

We are proud to now manufacture the Aluminium Quick stage system in New Zealand, to ensure our system is to the highest quality. It is constantly independently tested to ensure it exceeds manufacturing criteria’s.