Aluminium Scaffolding NZ

Aluminium scaffold tower offers the perfect solution for any project - be easily erected and dismantled, stable and safe

When it comes to scaffolding there are two main types that you can choose from.
independent scaffolds     dependant scaffolds


Older type scaffolding usually made of steel or aluminium type. While steel is extremely strong and very durable, it is sometimes heavy and difficult to handle. This is the reason why aluminium scaffolds have done very well. This type of scaffold is significantly lighter than steel and can hold a significant amount of weight .

The main reason for selecting aluminium towers is to provide access, lightness of the components and the consequent ease of assembly compared to the heavier sections of steel scaffold structures. In mobile form, aluminium towers are easy to move from point to point. Aluminium towers provide a stable and firm work platform for a wide variety of applications

Given the recent economic slowdown that has occurred, it is not surprising that a lot of people are looking to save money and do their own home renovations. Scaffolding is an excellent product to have around the house because it will ensure that you are able to reach elevated areas. One of the reasons people choose to hire aluminium scaffold is due to its light weight, multi-purpose use and its mobility.

There are a great number of different scaffolds and scaffolding towers; they can be generally classified into either independent or dependent scaffolds. The difference is that dependent scaffolds draw their stability from the wall they have been attached to and built against, whereas the independent scaffolds can stand erect by themselves.